Monthly Archives: June 2017

Why Behavioral Finance Matters.

When you think of the stock market, what comes to mind first? Apple? Amazon? Algorithms? Those are some of my first thoughts. We’ve come a long way from the time when railroad stocks were hot and ticker tape was considered high-speed. One thing hasn’t change though, but I’ll save that for later. With so much […]

NYSE: MN Strong Buy on Net Net Basis

NYSE: MN Current Assets: $169,120,000 Total Liabilities: $92,154,000 Net Working Capital: $76,966,000 Shares Outstanding: 14,216,988 NWC/Share: $5.41 Market Price: $ 4.25

Is the Eurozone ready to slow asset purchases?

A coworker opined that Draghi will stop easing via asset purchases soon. I wasn’t convinced. He mentioned inflation coming in near target, which is true. It is 1.9% vs. a 2% target. I decided to dig in to see where this number was coming from.  Germany at 1.7 France at 1.0 Spain at 3.0 Italy […]